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Ashley Hamilton Bio

Ashley Hamilton is a Real Estate Investor who also is a  Licensed Real
Estate Agent, a Certified Hard Money Lender/Broker, Owns a Property
Management Company, As well as a Project Management Company. In 2019 She
started a Consulting Company that helps investors get started investing in Real
Estate and gain access to Business and working capital. What sets Ashley apart
from her peers is her down-to-earth personality, her humbleness, her dedication
to her children and the youth in her community, and her unique way of breaking
down complicated investment strategies in a way that is easy to follow and
understand. Even though she’s amassed great success she’s constantly
educating herself and strives to learn something new every day. She is a true
example of if I can do it, you can too. When she made the decision to change her
life, she had no one to turn to, there were no business owners in her family or
network, her immediate family didn’t own real estate, and had no formal
education in finances or business. She figured she’d make mistakes but the
lessons would be worth it.
She started her investing career as a single mom, supporting her kids day
by day as a waitress. In 2009 at age 23 she purchased her First home using her
tax refund and made a plan to purchase 1 home every year using the rental
income from the properties and her tax return until she acquired 10 homes, and
to be a millionaire by age 30. Today Ashley has become a self-made millionaire,
building a real estate investment empire in Detroit. Now she owns over 30
properties with a portfolio worth over $2 million dollars. Apart from her Real
Estate investments, she has rehabbed over 100 properties as a project manager,
has coached over 400 real estate investors, through her masterclasses, she has
directly helped 30 students receive over $1 million dollars in business funding to
grow their own businesses in the first 11 months of starting her company. She
shares the powerful strategies and lessons she learned to leverage her situation
and lay out the steps for them to accomplish similar goals through her Instagram
account that has grown organically to over 20,000 followers in just 2 years, using
social media she started another business selling digital products and affiliate

Ashley has been featured on some of the world’s biggest Podcasts with
over 300k combined views on youtube, She holds a place in the top 10 most
downloaded podcasts on Biggerpockets which has over 4 million subscribers
and has had over 500 episodes.
In addition to all that she still maintains her own Property Management
Company, which manages over 50 properties for out-of-state investors.
Ashley’s passion is to provide Generational wealth to her children and Leave a
legacy that spans 10 generations or more. She is passionate about her hometown
of Detroit and revitalizing rundown and overlooked neighborhoods. Remembering
the struggles as a child of a single mother on section 8 and the treatment her
mother received. She believes in providing safe and clean housing no matter your
income status. Her outlook on Business is doing the right thing, even when
nobody’s watching, and values relationships over Money, and only participates in
situations where everybody wins.
*Podcasts- Bigger Pockets #331 170k views (Aired- May 23, 2019), Black Wealth
Renaissance #129, The His and Her Money Show #483 200k views (Aired- Aug 28, 2020) Todd Millionaire Podcast #115, Mynd Podcast (Aired- Jan 17, 2020).
*Publications- Black Enterprise,, and Afrotech online.
● Real Estate & Business: Virtual Workshops, Webinars, Masterclasses,
Replays, Coaching, & Courses.
● Digital Products, Proof of Funds Letters, Calculators, Discounts offers,
Lender List, and more.
● Ask Ashley Anything Phone Calls: 30 min one-on-one session to ask
Ashley any questions you have for her.
● Hard Money Lender and Funding Strategist
● Speaking Engagements

All Funding and Business capital resources, Light credit counseling, Using credit
cards to purchase Assets, Using Points and rewards to save money, Perfecting
your credit score, Tradelines, Construction management, Property management,
Finding deals, Analysis deals, Detroit, Real Estate, Accounting, Tax planning,
Affiliate marketing, digital product sales, Mentoring, Business management,
Generation Wealth planning.
Notably Accomplishments
● Went from 10 Doors to 21 doors in 1 year (19 paid for in Cash)
● Currently Own 30 Doors 27 paid all cash for
● Bought First Home Free and Clear with tax return
● Paid $3200 for a property that will make $3000/month
● Got paid $40k to buy a property
● Obtained $94k in Business funding in my first 17 days
● Had my First $100k month
● Bought my MOM her first property
● Rehabbed over 100 properties
● Have 7 streams of income and counting

If you are looking to get started in Real Estate, a mentor, a business partner, or just simple have a question about real estate. Let’s connect!

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